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CAG Groep and iQ-Laboratory have joined forces under a new name: CAG Lab. Are you a customer of iQ-Laboratory? Don’t worry, nothing will change for you. The same quality, speed and services you are used to.

As specialists in our field, we are continuously working on the further development of the Lab, in order to offer you the best service. Working with us means professional, flexible service and quick insight into your data and analysis results. Do you have any questions or wishes? Please contact us.

About CAG Lab

About CAG Lab

Independent & objective

Founded in 2009 as iQ-Laboratory, CAG Lab specializes in chemical and microbiological analyses, including the analysis of legionella bacteria in drinking water. With national and international clients, the Lab’s roots are in the offshore industry. As part of CAG Group we bundle knowledge and expertise while remaining independent as a laboratory, which makes us unique.


ISO 17025:2017

Independent & objective


Chemical & microbiological

Expertises in one place

Direct tailor-made advice


Specialist in water quality

Specialist in water quality

CAG Group

With the addition of the Lab to CAG Group in 2020, the entire process of water inspection can be done in-house. We can act quickly and support you all the way. From sampling and analysis to the implementation of measures. CAG Group also offers consulting services around drinking water decisions and systems. Maximum integration means more knowledge and services.


100% support

100% support

Today and tomorrow

CAG Group goes beyond water quality. From air research to building management; our consultants are ready to help you. Do you want to ensure that your work environment or building is healthy and safe for employees and visitors? CAG Group tests, inspects and certifies air- and water quality and advises you on the best approach for a healthy working environment. Today and tomorrow!

“On land or on water, we support
our clients with quick insight
into their data and analysis
“On land or on water, we support our clients
with quick insight into their data
and analysis

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Just like safe water, the air quality also determines
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