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CAG Group

CAG Group tests, inspects and certifies air and water quality and advises you on the best approach for a healthy working environment. Do you want to ensure that your building or work environment is healthy and safe for employees and visitors? Our advisors are ready to help you.

Water Quality

Water quality is of great importance to our health. Buildings and working environments know all kinds of factors that influence the water quality. Think of bacterial growth which can lead to legionella contamination. With our own in-house laboratory, we can act quickly and support you all the way. From sampling to analysis and the implementation of measures. We also advise you on the drinking water decree and water systems.


Air Quality

Like water, air is a necessity for life itself. Clean air is essential for our health and to function properly. The air quality in a building or work environment can be polluted by dust, bacteria, fungi and the use of materials and resources. CAG Group conducts air analysis and maps the air quality of your building or work environment. We can even advise you on how to improve and help you with the implementation of measures.


Indoor Climate

We spend a lot of time indoors. The indoor climate of buildings affects how people feel. Concentration problems, headaches and dry eyes: all complaints that can be caused by a poor indoor climate. Did you know that 61% of people perform better in an environment where there is good air quality? CAG Group inspects the indoor climate, periodically or in response to health complaints. We advise you on how to improve. If you want to, we place smart sensors to monitor.


Energy usage

The energy usage of buildings has been high on the agenda for years. In addition to direct cost savings, an energy-efficient work environment contributes to achieving climate objectives and a better image for companies. We give you independent and objective advice on your energy usage. Preparing and providing the energy labels is carried out by our certified energy advisors, using standardized methods.



Employees and visitors trust that they are safe in your building or work environment. To guarantee safety, clear standards and guidelines apply for the construction, management and maintenance of (technical) installations. CAG Group’s inspections are carried out according to the applicable BRL and NEN standards. We work objectively and independently. Is your workplace or building inspected and declared safe? Then you will receive a KIWA-certificate.

legionellapreventie en bestrijding
“Together we make working
environments healthy, on
land and water. Safe places
for people to work and stay,
where they feel vital and
are productive.”
“Together we make working environments healthy, on land and water. Safe places for people to work and stay, where they feel vital and are productive.”

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